The goal is to understand your individual needs and requirements, as well as what is manageable for your special K9 on a day to day basis, with a full understanding and guided approach for those that also need extra special care i.e., nervous and/or older dogs, thus providing the best possible experience time and time again.

Fully trained to Kennel Club breed standard along with a full understanding of mixed breeds - the approach for all fabulous K9 clients is that ‘all dogs are different and unique’ and that the methodology is bespoke and personalised for every dog.

Treatments are never rushed and this ensures that every K9 client has a positive and relaxing experience, full of constant reassurance, cuddles and rest breaks. All K9 clients are hand dried as cabinet dryers are not used at The K9 Spa.


There are three different categories of service that we offer:

1.   Grooming Treatments

2.   While You Wait

3.   Spa Treatments (Please note that Spa Treatments are add-on services and have to be combined with grooming treatments and are not stand alone services).


Bath & Hand Dry

A 1-2 hour treatment that’s suited for dogs that are short coated or as maintenance between full grooms.  Treatment includes: *Nail trim *Ear cleanse *Bath & hand dry *Brush out 

K9’s Full Groom & Makeover

A 2-3 hour treatment for K9’s in need of a makeover which includes a haircut or a restyle. 

Treatment includes: *Nail & Pad Trim *Eye Trim *Hygiene Trim *Ear Cleanse *Bath & hand dry *Brush Out & De-shed of Undercoat *Scissor or Clip Haircut & Styling *Finishing Cologne Spritz 

Puppy First Groom

A 1-2 hour treatment that introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming environment ready for future treatments – once your puppy has had all their vaccinations, typically around the 12 week point. 

Treatment includes: *Nail & Pad Trim *Mini Eye Trim *Ear cleanse *Bath & hand dry *Brush out and Trim

If your puppy doesn’t yet need a groom or even a bath, but you would like to get them used to The K9 Spa and to see that it is not a place to dread coming to, then why not bring him/her in to  get used to the smells, what it feels like to sit up on the table, get brushed out etc.


A 3-5 hour treatment to breed standard.  Breeds that can be hand stripped include Schnauzers, Spaniels, Terriers subject to their coat condition.  A pre-treatment consultation will advise on what level of hand-stripping is advisable.  Its recommended not to bathe your K9 after a hand-strip and to return two weeks later for the bath and hand dry.

Treatment includes: *Nail & Pad Trim *Ear cleanse *Hygiene Trim *Hand-strip *Bath & hand dry (2 weeks post hand-strip treatment) 


Ear Cleansing – 10 minute service

Nail Trim – 10 minute service

Eye Trim – 10 minute service

Nail & Pad Trim – 15 minute service 


Luxury Paw Pedicure – 25 minutes 

Helps sooth dry or cracked paws that have been damaged by gravel, hot pavements.  Perfect relief for tough concrete streets if this is your K9’s walking routine, or those that get itchy feet in the summer months due to other irritants. Includes a deep clean paw soak, nail trim, pad trim, and massage with soothing paw balm that contains all natural ingredients including aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango seed butter, and vitamin E. These ingredients offer antiseptic and moisturising properties and pads will soften and feel refreshed.

Deluxe Deep Coat Conditioning Treatment – 15 minutes 

Perfect for dull or lifeless coats, this hydrating conditioning treatment uses an enriched shampoo with honey and sweet almond extracts to provide intense hydration and strengthen the coat. Cleanses the hair of impurities, while imparting a deep shine. Leaves the hair smooth, manageable and conditioned.

Hydrating & Cleansing Facial – 15 minutes

A mild and soothing oatmeal and blueberry facial treatment to cleanse, hydrate and balance, also ideal for dogs with facial folds such as Pugs, Bulldogs and Boxers etc. 

Tear Stain Management – 15 minutes

A mild blueberry facial treatment to help remove dirt, beard and tear stains to brighten faces.  Especially popular for light and white coloured dogs such as Maltese, Bichons, Westies and Poodles. Regular use will reduce the signs of staining.